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PowerSkate for Hockey Players




CanPowerSkate History

CanPowerSkate was implemented by Skate Canada in 1986 to focus on skating development for ice sports outside of figure skating. CanPowerSkate was designed to assist the development of both hockey and ringette skaters. The program expanded in 2002 and has been revised in 2018, aligning with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD; including Skate Canada, Hockey Canada and Ringette Canada). CanPowerSkate fits into the Learn to Train stage of LTAD and is currently Canada’s only nationally regulated NCCP Instructional Stream power skating program, taught by trained and certified coaches. The focus of CanPowerSkate is on the development of quality technique of skating skills needed for hockey/ringette. 

What is CanPowerSkate?

The CanPowerSkate program has been designed to focus on the development of 15 basic skill sets divided into three fundamental areas: Balance, Control and Agility. Recognizing that skating is a foundational skill for hockey and ringette, this program allows for the opportunity to focus on skating outside of the game or practice. The program is designed to allow flexibility for progression or an increase in intensity as needed, to cater to the level of skaters in the program. Teaching and developing the proper skating technique is the main focus of this program.

Who’s it for?

CanPowerSkate is for hockey players, including goalies, who want to improve their hockey skating skills and game. According the LTAD model, CanPowerSkate is best suited for skaters who have achieved STAGE 4 of the CanPower program or equivalent.

CanPowerSkate is ideal for hockey players currently at the Novice Level or higher.

It is important to recognize that the CanPowerSkate program is not a “learn to skate” program. All skaters should complete a learn to skate program like CanSkate, Skate Canada’s flagship “Learn to Skate” program that has been designed to address the development of skating skills in preparation for all ice sports or a customized “Learn to Skate” program (See Northern Lights School of Skating: CanHockey – PrePower Program) that meet the needs of skaters preparing for hockey prior to participating in CanPowerSkate.

Who teaches it?

NCCP – trained professional coaches, assisted by trained program assistants.

What will you learn?

15 essential skills identified for hockey proficiency!

These skills have been organized into 3 fundamental areas:  Balance: Forward skills

                                                                                                 Control: Backward skills and stops

                                                                                                 Agility: Turning/pivoting skills, and starts


What can you expect?


Action-packed, high energy instructional power skating. Skills, techniques and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations. A skills execution pathway is utilized for optimal development and to build a strong foundation for players to apply the CanPowerSkate skills to game situations. Lessons are given in a group format with a coach-to-player ratio of maximum 1:30.


Participants will be assessed based on a continuum of development that will indicate skills at an early, moderate or advanced stage of development. The CanPowerSkate program focuses on the development of steps 1 through 4, providing some opportunity to explore step 5. It is very important that players acquire skating skills in this order to ensure a strong, efficient foundation for other aspects of the game including stick handling, shooting, strategic game play etc.


The following list outlines appropriate steps for sport-specific skill development:


1. Correct technique

2. Correct technique, with speed

3. Correct technique, with speed, with pucks/rings OR under stress (pushing, pulling, chasing)

4. Correct technique, with speed, with pucks/rings AND under stress (pushing, pulling, chasing - puck/ring protection)

5. Usage of all skills with no order, and with all 4 previous steps applied (game situations)


There are three levels of skill development recognized in the CanPowerSkate program (Early, Moderate, and Advanced). The level of performance and expectation for each skill will increase as the skater progresses through the program and will be evaluated mid-way and near the end of the 20 week program.  


*There will NOT be any scrimmage or hockey games! The focus is on improving skating technique!


What do you need to participate? 
Helmet: All CanPowerSkate participants are required to wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet at all times during the session.

Body Equipment: Players are strongly encouraged to wear full hockey/ringette equipment during a CanPowerSkate session to ensure they are practicing in game attire. CanPowerSkate participants must wear hockey/ringette gloves and skates.

Stick: A player must learn how to utilize the stick effectively while skating. Players may use a hockey or ringette stick in the CanPowerSkate program.

Puck/Ring:The use of a puck or ring in the CanPowerSkate session will vary depending on the level of skater and coach’s discretion. The focus of this program is on the quality development of strong skating skills.










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